An Interview with @TheSeeker

As a follower of Tara Strong on Twitter, you see a lot of fan art. Sometimes, something just stands out. Below is one of them.

The image that started it all
The image that started it all

Naturally, being interested in Trollface Gunsmoke as I call her, I asked the person who had posted it where he had gotten it. He said he didn’t know. A short while later, I got this message:

Thus began a guided tour through where fan-made content is produced and how one solitary image became a meme. Starting out as a screen cap from Season 2 of My Little Pony (which I’ve never watched,) to a Full Metal Jacket reference by OoOYahikoOoO, to a sillier version by an unknown Imgurian. A little digging by TheSeeker showed it to possibly be from a deleted Reddit account. Finally, a possible creator of the final image was found: ReBolutioN of

However, despite this mystery seemingly being solved, I still had questions. Not about the picture, but about the person who had answered my previous questions. The best source to answer them? Well, he was right there and already seemed willing to talk. (Note: If you want a more annoying version of the interview, here is the link to the Twitter conversation.)

T4nky: Just wondering, how often do you do stuff like track down photoshopped MLP pictures?The reason I ask is because I’m planning on starting a blog, and doing an interview with you seems like an interesting way to kick it off .

TheSeeker: It wouldn’t be an interesting interview. 98% of the time it’s just “paste into Google Image Search and find Deviantart link”

Usually whenever I’m actually paying attention to Twitter and see an unattributed picture on my feed. It’s an OCD thing.

T4nky:  Just a few questions, and if you still think its boring, I’ll leave you alone. First off, how long does it usually take you to find an origin for one of these images? How deep do you have to go to find an origin, usually?

The Seeker: Maybe 30 seconds. Usually really good art gets posted, and good artists usually have deviantart accounts crawled by Google.

T4nky: Are there any other people who do this on a regular basis?

The Seeker: Other people on some boorus, e.g. , are a bit OCD about sources too, but I’m not part of a team.

T4nky: How long have you been doing this for? Did you start before you got on Twitter?

The Seeker: I’ve been collecting art in the real world for decades, and just hate to see artists not getting recognition for their work.

Update: One of my questions was a little late in being answered. At the time there was going to be another. It was forgotten and never will be remembered. I r professional.

T4nky: I think this might actually be enough for a decent interview. Just two final questions: Do you exclusively focus on MLP fanart? 

The Seeker: Sorry, went to work. The art I collect IRL is anthropomorphic. MLP is a small subset of that universe. (sapient animals)


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