Bernie Sanders is No Eugene V. Debs, But an FDR? Yes.

Something a friend of a friend wrote on Bernie Sanders, one of the many people who are running for President in my country.

The Déclassé Intellectual

By David Leo Glotzer          SUNY Buffalo

“The Socialist party declares that the capitalist system has outgrown its historical function, and has become utterly incapable of meeting the problems now confronting society. We denounce this outgrown system as incompetent and corrupt and the source of unspeakable misery and suffering to the whole working class,” began the Socialist Party Platform in 1912 with Eugene V. Debs at the head of the Presidential ticket. Our Democratic Socialist candidate does not echo the call for a radical transformation of the American social economy. Debs also ran outside of the Democratic Party, for better or worse Bernie Sanders is running within the two party system he knows is corrupt.

A few lines later the platform reads, “in spite of the multiplication of labor-saving machines and improved methods of industry which cheapen the cost of production, the share of the producers grows ever less, and the…

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