Reddit Report #2: #RobotLivesMatter

Welcome to the second edition of Reddit Roundup! More stuff from Reddit that you might want to check out.


  • [UNTITLED]. APotter12. r/WritingPrompts post. As someone who is writing something that’s going to run for quite a while, I like how APotter12 is able to weave together so many  Star Wars expanded universe references in one post. Oh, and before I forget FUCK YOU DISNEY, YOU RUINED THE STAR WARS EU! THIS NEW MOVIE BETTER BE GOOD!
  • Robert. Jumbotronshrimp. r/DestructiveReaders post. An example of potential brought down by shortness and technical errors. Only 2 and 1/4 pages long, but the ideas brought up by it are entrancing to say the least. Why did Robert choose to work in an office? Who made him? How would he have dealt with what he had just done? Sadly, these questions never get explored.

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