Articles and AMAs

Ok, so in this post, I’m going to mention two things, one past but indicative of the future, the other definitely in the future. All of these are good things for me, but might be distracting for NIU. Hopefully, I can manage all of these.

The first thing is I have written an article for someone else, and decided I liked it. On the one hand, it was somewhat time-consuming and wasn’t exactly my best work (my article on Greenlight was much better.) To top it off, there was no real traffic boost from that. On the other, it was fun. It also made me think about the way I write.

Therefore, I’ve already got plans to do this again. I’ve already got another idea for an article for Bitch Flicks, and maybe I can submit something to The Escapist as well. Hell, with the Escapist, I might actually get paid!

More importantly, if you’re on Reddit, I’m doing an AMA on r/Fantasy. It will be on June 6th. For those of you who don’t have Reddit, I’ll post a link on my next update and also mention it on my Twitter when it’s up.

UPDATE: The AMA is now up. I will answer questions until Reddit necros it.

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