Nowhere Island University’s Second Anniversary

So, it’s been two years. Two years since this became a thing. I’m not going to say that this is the serial that changed everything, or will change everything. Honestly, if you go solely by numbers, NIU should have changed nothing. However, numbers lie a hell of a lot.

For instance, my life has been changed. Whether for better or worse, its hard to to say. I mean, I’ve only been doing this for two years. I can say that thanks in part to the internet, and thanks in part to whoever is reading my little ramblings, I am living my dream of being a world famous author. (Ok, definitely not famous, but people all over the world are reading this, and thinking about it gives me this wonderful mix of sheer panic and joy.)

Seriously, though, I would like to take this time to thank some people. I should probably start off with the people who I see every day: my family. Mom, Dad, you could have kicked me out of the house when I dropped out of college. Instead, you gave me free room and board while I job-searched (way too little,) wrote, and played way too many computer games. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Also, to my sister. You did not even have to dignify my scribblings with a response, as is your ancient sisterly right/duty. Instead, you would look them over and do minor editing and critiquing. I, and the readers, owe you a big thanks.

To the guys at Spacebattles, you are the first. You read this story there despite the fact I have no idea how to organize it properly there. I’m sorry I’m not as quick at responding to comments now. Most of that has to do with changing email accounts and work.

To the people who read this on Royal Road, you guys actually gave me one of my biggest readership boosts. On March 31st last year, I was having a birthday party. Me, my dad, and my friend, were sitting around playing games or something, and I just kept occasionally watching the numbers on my WordPress site go up and up. You are seriously all amazing. Special mention to J0nno who found my story first, and Blaise Corvin who talks to me on Twitter.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to the people who gave me encouragement on the Web Fiction Guide forums. You guys rock. Especially Chris, who keeps things running. Having “learned” some programming (and even with the finger quotes, I use that term very loosely,) I can guess what a massive effort it takes to keep a review aggregator, a forum, and a serial ranking system running. You da man. Also, to anyone from there who linked to my story, you guys are also pretty cool yourselves. Again, special mention to the guys who keep me company on Twitter every once in a while, PsychoGecko and Matthans.

Finally, to everyone who has donated to my Patreon and allowed me to make a profit. To everyone who has clicked on that link that should be on the bottom of every one of the WordPress site’s pages to vote for me on Top Web Fiction but for some reason isn’t because I’m an idiot. To the people who have shared me with friends, both prompted by me and of your own volition. To those of you who have left something positive for me in the comments. You have done something beautiful and good. You’ve found a lesser-known artist you enjoy and instead of keeping him to yourself and enjoyed his work for free, you’ve supported him. Thank you.

In closing, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some people. Sorry. If you politely remind me, I’m sure I can squeeze you in. In the meantime, thank you.