Reddit Report #2: #RobotLivesMatter

Welcome to the second edition of Reddit Roundup! More stuff from Reddit that you might want to check out.


  • [UNTITLED]. APotter12. r/WritingPrompts post. As someone who is writing something that’s going to run for quite a while, I like how APotter12 is able to weave together so many  Star Wars expanded universe references in one post. Oh, and before I forget FUCK YOU DISNEY, YOU RUINED THE STAR WARS EU! THIS NEW MOVIE BETTER BE GOOD!
  • Robert. Jumbotronshrimp. r/DestructiveReaders post. An example of potential brought down by shortness and technical errors. Only 2 and 1/4 pages long, but the ideas brought up by it are entrancing to say the least. Why did Robert choose to work in an office? Who made him? How would he have dealt with what he had just done? Sadly, these questions never get explored.

The Reddit Report #1: Monocled Lemurs

So, in an effort to force myself to read more, I have decided to make a by-weekly effort to find good, promising, or educationally bad stories submitted on various subreddits.

This will (hopefully) be a bi-weekly feature. Why bi-weekly? Because that’s how often r/Writing has its weekly self-promotion thread. The submissions this week might be a little light, as I just got the idea to do it today. The basic format is going to be a list, with the title of the story submitted first, the link to where it was submitted, then the author’s username. Anyway, hope you like my first picks!

  • Able Archer. bigjo66. r/Writing Critique post. Quite good, just needs a bit of work. The introductory chapter is somewhat text-scrolly and the important bits could have easily been worked into the first chapter, but that is balanced out by the real chapter one. This looks to be a competent detective story in a post-apocalyptic UK. I can’t wait for the next installment.
  • Sequential Chaos. Nick_Eleniak. r/Writing Critique post. I’m conflicted about this one. There’s a lot of stuff wrong with it. Gramatical errors, spelling mistakes, several bizzare shifts without warning… But then there’s a lemur with a monocle, which is amazing. Anyway, the moral of the story is always give your work a once-over before posting.
  • How to Cause Your Very Own Apocalypse, Chapter 1. NimbusArchon. r/Writing Critique post. The one actual web serial.  If you like 80’s camp and names like Radiation Hawk, this is the story for you. However, if that vintage of cheese is not for you, or if you’re looking for something more serious, give it a pass.

Anyway, those are my picks for the week so far. Hope you guys enjoy.