Where to find Other Web Serials

So, having read Nowhere Island University, have you decided that you liked the format or want to learn more about the Web Serial scene? Well there are ways to find new and tasty web serials. As this is a very niche form of  entertainment at the moment, most of these sections of the internet are mostly populated by authors, which would make it a great way to meet up with your favorite serial authors.


Hosting Sites

Where authors actually place their serials. That is, when they don’t want to deal with WordPress or hosting. Apart from going to an author’s personal site, these are one of the best ways to read a serial.

Royal Road Legends– One of the biggest sites for reading serials. I believe it started out translating Korean stories, and over time morphed into something more general, with fan fics and original serials. It is one of the places I post NIU.

Wattpad– Apparently one of the biggest sites. I’m not sure I’ve used it ever. Needless to say, I don’t know much about it.

Fiction Press– Another of the biggest sites out there. Also, another I know absolutely nothing about.

Aggregator Sites

These are impersonal sites that look at a large amount of web serials and rank them for your viewing convenience.

Web Fiction Guide– A place where web fiction is posted. Founded by Chris Poirer, it includes listings for most web serials, definitions of what a web serial is, a place to submit web serials, and read and review web serials. Seriously, go look at it. Its great.

Top Web Fiction– A service of Web Fiction Guide.Basically, the best web serials are voted on and the one with the most points in that period gets to be in the top, all the way down to number 40. You can also sort by genre.

Tuesday Serial– A site that lists various serials, usually submitted by authors.

Online Novel– An aggregator site run by Adam Decker. It isn’t as well-populated as Web Fiction Guide, but it is easier to read at a glance.

Curators and Author Groups

These are specialized groups. Where Aggregators are designed to host and direct people to a variety of serials, curators and author groups are more selective. For instance, an author group is more like a kind of club.

The Order of the Phantasmal Architects– An author group on RRL about being different from the norm. They dislike over-powered characters, harems, and RPG worlds, but will make exceptions if you can do them in interesting ways.

Pen and Cape Society– Mostly for traditional books, (holy crap, ebooks are considered traditional now!) the Pen and Cape Society does count members like Jim Zoetewey and Drew Hayes among its members.

Places to Chat

If you want to talk shop, or chat with a favorite author

/r/Webfiction– If you’re on Reddit, come give this sub some love. We’re always looking for more people who aren’t writers to join and talk to us here (and about us.)

WFG Forums– more of a place for the hardcore: authors and people who read a lot of web serials. Still a cool place to lurk.

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